the spa people

Spa consulting

Our company offers spa development consulting services that span from creating the business plan through to the launch of the facility.

Phase I: Business Plan

·     Business Plan
·     3-year Financial Model
·     Product choice, spa treatment offering and suggested treatment prices. We will suggest suitable product ranges and organize presentations by product reps
·     Competitive analysis
·     Creation of a boutique that offers not only skincare products, but also unique gifts, bath products and other “impulse” items to promote retail sales
·     Introduction to design company to assist with logo development and design and printing of marketing material

Phase II: Initial Investigation and Conceptual Planning - this phase is done in conjunction with the Interior Design team working on the spa development

·     Spa concept
·     Design & Layout
·     Develop preliminary drawings, layouts and colour schemes which will identify the basic concept of the interior design and create a design story board
·     Incorporate the required mechanical facilities (e.g. water facilities, equipment plug points)
·     Coordinate layout of supporting areas (back of house, laundry, kitchen, manager’s office)

 Phase III: Spa Development

·     Provide on-site supervision to ensure that the work is performed according to drawings, specifications and the design concept

 Phase IV: Equipment & Product Procurement

·     Determine the best possible equipment to be used and will recommend the most appropriate type based on need, quality, durability and the desired image
·     Request quotes from 2 preferred equipment vendors with a strong reputation for service
·     Finalize equipment procurement schedule
·     Arrange for delivery and supervise installation
·     Spa equipment training
·     Assist with selection of software program and training
·     Identification and ordering of all professional product lines to be used in treatments (manicures, pedicures, waxing) in addition to main selected product house (body treatments, massages and facials)
·     Identification and ordering of all operating supplies, linen and consumables to be used in treatments
·     Negotiation of the best volume pricing available

 Phase V: Pre-opening Operational Assistance

This phase consists of establishing operational protocols and marketing strategies in preparation for hand over to the Spa Operator.

The key features of phase V include:

·     Recruitment of high quality staff
·     Creation of Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) manual. Product and SOP training. Product training will be done in conjunction with selected product house(s).
·     Spa marketing material: type and content
·     Developing and implementing a pre opening marketing plan – which may include promotional activities, on-site events, public relations activities
·     Planning the launch of the spa experience
·     Handing over to Spa Manager and his/ her team or entering into a Management Contract with the Owner

Phase VI: Spa Operations

We can provide 1 -3 years of ongoing Spa Operational Management for and on behalf of the Spa Owners. Our services include but are not limited to:

·     Oversee the day to day management of the spa
·     Plan and oversee the training process
·     Customer service training
·     Retail training for all staff
·     Training on personalizing each service
·     Merchandise display training, in conjunction with product house
·     Receptionist – Front Desk training Telephone Coaching
·     Training for all treatments offered
·     “Undercover” Mystery Shopper evaluation
·     Assist manager in creating a loyal, happy team of spa employees (including scheduling strategies; staff incentive programs; building a teamwork mentality and resolving staff issues)
·     Achieving guest retention (focus on guest service orientation training, conflict/complaint  resolution, guest loyalty drivers, building “the right relationship”)
·     How to get all staff to take ownership of cost savings and revenue generation
·     Review operations and present reports to give recommendations for improvements