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Dealing with Sexual Harassment in the Spa

• Therapists and other staff need to know that they have management’s support and that management will not condone sexual harassment under any circumstances
• Should a guest asks for “extras”, the therapist should advise them that this is not standard operating procedure in the spa
• Should a guest try and grope a therapist, the therapist should advise them that this behaviour is not condoned in the spa
• Should the guest persist, the therapist should advise them that if he/ she does not stop, they will be forced to end the treatment
• If the guest continues with inappropriate behaviour after this second warning, and should the therapist feel threatened or uncomfortable, they should advise the guest that they are ending the treatment, will report the matter to management ,and leave the treatment room
• The therapist should then make their way to the spa manager or manager on duty and inform them of what has happened
• The manager should then make their way to the treatment room and advise the guest that the treatment will not take place because of his/ her inappropriate behaviour
• Should the guest have left the treatment room, the manager should then wait for the guest at the spa reception/ check out desk
• The client should have to pay for the treatment in full
• The client should then be advised that they are no longer welcome at the facility
• The spa staff should be made aware of this guest so that should he try and book again, the manager can be called on to deal with him/ her
• When performing in-room treatments in hotels, the therapist should have a panic button to alert security to the room should inappropriate behaviour occur. If this is not possible, a second therapist or security guard should be stationed outside the hotel room
• Where there is a spa in the hotel but a guest prefers to have an in-room treatment, a good security measure is to have female therapists performing treatments on female guests, and male therapists performing treatments on male guests

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